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Advertising with Beach Vacations 2 Go allows you to reach a unique audience of interested consumers seeking rental, hotel, travel and vacation information as they make plans to enjoy the amazing beaches up and down the eastern US. We offer exceptional advertising on our website to help you best reach your target market. The ads must meet our editorial guidelines which include:

  • Ads must be on topic and of interest to our visitors
  • Any links in the ad will be set to be "no follow" as per Google requirements.
  • All links in ads will be set to open in a new window.
  • Ads can be image or text (site sponsor/full page ads will be both)
  • You may select the general location for your ad [top, middle, bottom, side column, whole page (site sponsor only)]
  • Payment for ads must be made in advance and via PayPal.

Ad rates are:

  • Single ad, you select the page, $150 per year
  • Same ad, multiple pages, $100 per year, per page
  • Same ad, 10 highest traffic pages, $175 per month total; paid quarterly
  • Same ad, sitewide (over 50 pages), $250 per month total; paid quarterly
  • Site sponsor ad, a banner ad is placed in the sidebar and links to a full page dedicated to your service/product. $1,000/year.

Our goal for you is to bring business to you! If the above meets with your approval, please contact us.

We Are an Ethical Site and Value Your Trust

Maintaining your trust is number one. Therefore we try to provide as much top notch information as possible and will not use advertising methods or advertisers or even exchange links that will be of little value to you. We have turned down opportunities to sell advertising space and to exchange links with companies that do not meet our advertising criteria and we will continue to do so.

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