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A big part of enjoying the beach is finding the best place to stay—a vacation home or condo that suits your tastes and needs.  The Beach Rentals Guide helps you feel good about where you're going. Some smaller beaches will have almost all the accommodations of the bigger beach towns except for large high-rise hotels.

Use our traveler's companion to find reputable beach rental homes and cottages, plus various resorts, inns and hotels throughout the East Coast. Locate accommodations based on your interests and book with confidence.

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North Carolina Beaches

 Virginia Beaches

Most vacation rentals are rented by the week by area real estate agents, and some by the owners. Rentals typically go from Saturday through Saturday or Sunday through Sunday - yet check with the realtor for specials, off-season rates and certain units that may rent on different schedules. Winter rentals are another option for many, as well as year-round rentals.

Typically as the style of lodging goes "up" so do the prices. Renting upscale beachfront homes or condos and resorts bordering a golf course generally are more expensive. Some rentals may even be in gated communities where access is limited to guests only. Condos, apartments and homes just off the beachfront rent for more moderate sums compared to oceanfront rentals.

Many vacationers cannot imagine staying anywhere but on the beachfront, or second or third-row homes. Nearly all of these types of rental homes have 2-3 bedrooms, and some are able to accommodate up to 20 and 30 people—perfect for groups of families who might want to stay together and share the costs. These beach rentals tend to be two-and three-story houses and come furnished with kitchen necessities for cooking and dining, but often you need to bring your own bed linens and bath towels.

Happy, sandy trails!