Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Great Waves, Great People

Hampton Beach is the ideal New England beach vacation spot. Whether you're searching for a quiet, intimate weekend getaway or a fun filled week with the family, you can find the perfect accommodations and activities at this coastal wonderland.

A bustling town from Memorial Day until Labor Day, Hampton Beach quiets down considerably during the fall and winter months. Families may prefer to visit during peak season, but if you prefer more solitude consider scheduling your vacation when it does not coincide with the highest traffic months.

If you love the ocean and water sports, this beach should definitely be at the top of your "must visit" list. Devotees of New England beaches give Hampton Beach, New Hampshire high ratings for its outstanding variety of activities, quality of beaches, and the town's hospitality.

Hampton Beach, NH

Hampton Beach, NH

Beach Parking Tips

The public beach is free to residents and tourists, but be aware that it is crowded on most summer weekends. Parking is limited which makes it challenging to find an open spot at any time of the year. During the peak season finding a place for your car can be a real "Mission Impossible" assignment. Take heed and plan wisely.

If you are lucky and get an early enough start in the morning, you might get one of the Hampton Beach parking places where you can feed the meter a small amount of money. If your only available option is one of the private parking lots, be prepared to pay $20-40 for the privilege of leaving your car there for a day.

Of course you can always choose to stay at one of the area hotels where parking is free. Many hotels are within easy walking distance, and popular ways of getting around the area are biking and using the Beach Trolley.

The Reach of the Beach

Hampton Beach is the state's only sandy beach, making it the biggest attraction in the area. During the peak vacation season there is enough ongoing beach-based action to keep everyone entertained, no matter what ages they are.

The older kids and adults will be able to hit the surf with their Boogie Boards and Sand Skimmer discs, while smaller kids will enjoy building sand castles and wading in the ocean. The salty spray of the water and the sounds of the waves are thrilling; yet the ocean here is gentle enough to be enjoyed by everyone.

To experience the beach without actually getting wet, just set your course for the opposite side of Ocean Boulevard. You will be up to your elbows in food and fun as you stroll through this area. Arcade excitement, cafes, restaurants, art displays and shops line the landscape and the owners all welcome you to come and see what is available.

There are bumper cars, a Ferris wheel and other carnival rides to please everyone, from a fainthearted individual to an adrenaline junkie. You can just enjoy the day quietly while munching on a slaw dog if you prefer. Elephant ears dripping with sugary toppings are always a big favorite, and there are plenty of vendors selling a variety of foods from cotton candy treats to freshly cooked seafood.

Hampton Beach Area Map

Beach Festivals and Fun

During the summer there is the highly anticipated Children's Festival that brings additional crowds to this New Hampshire beach. Another of the area's special events is the Master Sand Sculpting Competition where teams and individuals vie to create the very best sand sculpture in the world.

You can count on the nighttime to be as entertaining as the daylight hours with live stage presentations at the highly rated Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom and free musical performances taking place on the Sea Shell Stage.

During the summer the nights you'll enjoy watching the fireworks that light up the skies on holidays. There is even a weekly firework extravaganza that takes place every Wednesday evening.

Hampton Beach Hotels and Lodging

Among some of the favorite hotels are the Colonial Motor Suites, the Stone Gable Inn, Lamies Inn, the Essex Street Inn, Newburyport and the Exeter Inn. All of these accommodations are located 2–15 miles from Hampton Beach New Hampshire. These hotels provide a variety of clean rooms for guests and some of these establishments include suites and kitchenettes.

D.W.'s Oceanside Inn is the only bed and breakfast located directly in Hampton Beach. The owners have transformed this property into an oasis of waterfront tranquility and it is a wonderful place to stay while on vacation. The 19th century furnishings perfectly create a look and feel of "yesteryear."

You can find many affordable hotels including privately owned establishments and those operated by national chains. For families that wish to enjoy the back to nature experience there is also camping available in Hampton Beach State R.V. Park.

If it is fun, excitement and great food that you want to enjoy on your next New England beach vacation, consider a stay at this unique New England beach. The seafood is fresh and delicious, the people are friendly and helpful, and the surf is spectacular!